Hi, Wonderful Couples and Priests,

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Tom and Margaret Krivchenia and, we are the Marriage Encounter Leaders for the West Coast of Florida. We reside in the Tampa Bay area and have been blessed with two sons and four grandchildren – two boys and two girls! They all live near us and, we thank God every day for that. Our decision to move to Florida from Ohio was made thirty-four years ago and, it has been an incredible journey. 

We have heard it said, “That people plan and God laughs.” Well, we certainly think that God has had a sense of humor where our life has been concerned. Nine years ago this September, we went on our first Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend at the Franciscan Center in Tampa. Little did we know where this beautiful experience would take us. We were looking for a “tune-up” in our relationship after nineteen years of marriage which we achieved in an amazing way. We learned to open up to each other, to share our feelings through the life-changing communication tool of Daily Dialogue. However, God was not done with us yet! He had more for us to accomplish. As we finished our Weekend of Sunday afternoon, we were invited to join the God-filled ministry of celebrating the Sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders in Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s Mission to Change the World. Our “yes” to the Holy Spirit’s call has made all the difference and, looking back nine years, we could never have imagined that we would be writing to you as the Florida West Coast Encounter Leaders.

We serve God by presenting WWME Weekends to coupleswhenever and wherever we are called to do so. We are in awe each Sunday afternoon of our Weekend when we see the transformation of the relationships of the couples. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, their Sacraments have evolved from good ones to great ones. We pray that every couple may experience a Weekend and to this end, we devote our energies to spreading the word of Worldwide Marriage Encounter and its life-giving message. 

We are accompanied on our journey by Fr. Vincent Clemente, our Ecclesial priest. Together, we make up the Ecclesial Team of the Florida West Coast leadership. Fr. Vince, as we call him, is the Pastor of St. James Parish in Lake Placid, Florida. For many years, he has worked tirelessly for Worldwide Marriage Encounter. He has been God’s gift to us in guiding us to discern the Will of God, encouraging us every step of the way and, in being a model of holiness and unswerving enthusiasm and dedication to the Mission of strengthening marriages and families through the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement.

In closing, we ask God’s blessing on all of you. We hope to see you soon on a transforming, unforgettable Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. You will never regret it and you deserve it!

Many Blessings in Christ! “Love One Another, as I have loved you.” John 15:12

Tom and Margaret Krivchenia and Fr. Vincent Clemente