We are Daniel and Lupe Mayorga from Dade City, Florida. Daniel and I met when he was stationed at Perrin AFB near Dallas, Texas and I wasWe are  attending Texas Women's University in Denton, Texas in November of 1970.  It was a meeting that was to change our lives forever.  The Air Force was getting ready to close Perrin AFB and transfer Daniel to Colorado Springs so we decided to get married.  We were married in Eagle Pass, Texas at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on the 16th of July, 1971.  Our family consists of our daughter (Jeannie) who has 2 girls Adrian and Sydney and 1 boy Gabriel.  We also have a son (Erik) who has 1 daughter Emma and 1 son Logan.  They are the joy of our lives.

Daniel and I did our first Marriage Encounter Weekend while we were stationed at Woodbridge, England in 1984 but because he was in the military we didn't enjoy the community part of the weekend.  We did our 2nd encounter weekend in February, 2018.  When we were asked to be part of the Presentation Team, Daniel never hesitated and said "yes" right away.  I had to put on my "thinker hat" before I could say "yes".  We went to the Deeper Weekend in July, 2018.

I'm Father Mike Smith and very happy to serve as the Ecclesial Priest along with Dan and Lupe Mayorga, our Ecclesial Couple for the Florida West Coast Encounter.  Currently I am serving as Pastor of Corpus Christi Church in Temple Terrace, Florida.  I was Ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of St. Petersburg on May 13, 2000.  My first Marriage Encounter Weekend was in 2011 and then I made a second weekend in 2017.  After my second weekend, I discerned for the Presenting Team and have presented weekends in our own diocese as well as Baton Rouge, La. and Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  One of the many joys that I receive when I am working with couples and priests in the Marriage Encounter Ministry is their love for each other and for God.  I look forward to the months ahead with the new leadership at the local and regional levels.