Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on a Weekend?

 Marriage Encounter Weekends are a special time for a married couple away  from all distractions:  work, kids, bills, and other pressures and  concerns.  When was the last time you had a weekend like that?  It takes  place at a local hotel or facility where presentations are given in the  conference room and couples reside at the hotel/facility for the entire  weekend.*

A series of presentations made by the Presenting Team, consisting of 3  married couples and 1 priest. Each presentation builds on the last as we  examine ourselves, our behaviors and attitudes, our relationship with  our spouse and God.  Communication tools are taught on the weekend  helping couples connect in healthy, constructive ways on areas that can  deepen their intimacy and connectedness.

Marriage Encounter Weekends have been given in the US since 1967.  Decades of research, planning and tried and true wisdom have gone into  the content of the Weekend and how it unfolds for couples and  religious.  We ask all participants to attend ALL talks and participate  intently using the tools with their Spouse in order to maximize their  experience.

All sharing between spouses is PRIVATE, and this is NOT a weekend to  solve problems!  This Weekend will help couples in good marriages  communicate even better.

*In some areas "Non-residential" Weekends (held Saturday and Sunday  only), are available where participants return to their homes Saturday  evening and resume the program early Sunday morning.  Please contact  your local Scheduling Couple for more information.                          

My Spouse does not attend Church (or is not Catholic), can we still get anything out of a Weekend?

 n short, YES!  Weekends are for husband and wife couples of all  denominations and mixed faiths. Among the diverse couples attending  we've had a variety of Protestant faiths, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist,  Muslim and no faith affiliation to name a few.   All have successfully  been able to fully experience the Weekend.  

All we ask is that all Spouses attend with an open heart, a respect for  others, and others' beliefs as Weekends are predominantly Roman Catholic  in expression, presented by a Catholic Priest and Catholic married  couples.  We believe God's loving presence has an integral role in us  fully living our Sacrament.

We encourage all interested in attending to speak with their local Scheduling Couple listed on the "Find a Weekend" page to see if the Weekend is a right fit for you.                          

I heard that Marriage Encounter is for "troubled" marriages. We've been married for (1 year, 10 y

 On the contrary, Marriage Encounter Weekends are for GOOD marriages!   Think about it, employers may send you to a seminar to gain new skills  on the job, why not dedicate a Weekend to gain new skills that can  benefit your most important relationship-- your marriage! 

A Weekend gives busy couples, much needed time together to focus on each  other and deepen their communication. After the Weekend couples often  return to their life and families, refreshed, with renewed commitment to  each other. 

Often we share that ideal Weekend couples are those going through life  transitions:  recently married,  expanding the family, job transitions,  blended families, empty-nesters or couples facing retirement or  illnesses.  These are times when compassionate communication and  listening matter the most!

For marriages that are troubled, in crisis, or have deep hurts that need  significant healing and forgiveness, please consider our sister  program, Retrouvaille